Mondraker Foxy XR 26.0 2013 Rahmen **45 % günstiger**

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Mondraker launches an evolution geometry concept focused on our core bike range. The new Forward Geometry presents clear advantages for any categories compared with a traditional geometry, all this benefits are focused to improve the control, handling and riding confidence

The geometry defines the spirit and performance of any bike, it´s the main responsible of our feelings and marks the character of the bike. Mondraker?s goal has been to move forward with a better overall geometry. This new concept is inspired on motorbikes geometry, also closer to other extreme applications as BMX or DH, and for sure not accepting the road heritage established a long time ago. Mondraker have taken the current trend that beats for longer top tubes and shorter stems, and carried it till the last consequences; really long top tube and almost not stem length.      

The new geometry show longer top tubes completely balanced with shorter stems, the top tube length added is the same that the stem loose, as a result all contact points between the rider and the bike keeps in the same position than a classic geometry, the only difference lies in the front wheel axel that is moved forward. The rest of the geometry don´t suffer any change. This is the key of the new Forward geometry concept.

Forward Geometry advantages:
  • Security in steep areasConfidence at high speed 
  • Direct steering
  • Uphill precision
  • Stability on rough sections


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