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Der Essential Kit von Muc-Off beinhaltet - wie der Name schon sagt - die essentiellen Pflegemittel für dein Bike.

Enthalten sind:

  • Bike-Cleaner 500ml
  • Bike Spray 500ml
  • ein großer, saugfähiger Schwamm
  • Wheel & Component Brush
  • ein praktischer Tragebeutel

Muc-Off 8-in-1 Cleaning Kit

Muc-Off Biodegradable Bike Cleaner:

Our unique Muc-Off Nano Tech cleaning formula makes life easy, regardless of the weather conditions or time of year. Muc-Off Nano Tech Cleaner has an incredibly effective cleaning formula containing ?Nano Technology? that cares for your bike?s delicate finishes. It contains no harmful acids, CFC?s or solvents, is NONTOXIC and fully biodegradable.

It?s completely safe on anodising, paintwork, chrome, carbon fibre, suspension seals, rubber, disc brake pads, and most importantly, it's safe for the user too. It quickly cuts through dirt, oil and grime, and safely leaves your bike sparkling clean. Make life easy. Try Muc-Off Nano Tech Cleaner after your next dirty ride!

So why is Muc-Off with Nano better?

In the past, bike cleaners have been formulated using ?Micro Scale? materials that are approximately 1/80th the size of a human hair. Muc-Off Nano-Tech cleaner is formulated using ?Nano Scale? materials which are approximately 1/80000th of the diameter of a human hair. This dramatic reduction in material scale allows the Muc-Off formula to penetrate far deeper into dirt, oil and grime and gently break it down on an atomic and molecular level. The dirt is then rinsed away easily and safely with water, and leaves behind corrosion inhibitors for future protection. A painted or metal surface may look smooth to the naked eye, but under a microscope it?s full of peaks and troughs. Nano sized particles are able to fill these microscopic areas and bond to form a smooth protective layer that makes it harder for dirt to adhere to the surface next time you ride.

Muc-Off Bike Spray:

Protect, preserve and freshen your bike with Muc-Off Bike Spray's incredible water dispersing action. Muc-Off Bike Spray has a high oil content, so it's a prefect 'all over' after-wash corrosion inhibitor. It drives out moisture and leaves a sparkling non-sticking protective layer on frame, drive chain, metal parts, plastics, rubber and paintwork. Why does Muc-Off Bike Spray rock?

Because it contains P.T.F.E! This wonder ingredient bonds on a molecular level to form a protective lubricating film on all parts. In fact, the molecules found in P.T.F.E are amongst the largest known to man, which is why the surface is so slippery. FACT: P.T.F.E is so slippery, virtually nothing can stick to it or be absorbed by it. It is the only substance in the world to which a Gecko can't stick.

It also has superb penetrative qualities that help drive deep into tight areas that can hold moisture and free up seized parts. This all combines to prevent dirt adhesion between washes and reduce future maintenance time. It even helps reduce friction and wear.

Wheel and Component Brush

Our Wheel & Component Brush is shaped and contoured specifically to clean rims and spokes with ease. The new design features a tough, impact-resistant and dual density handle that won't slip in extreme conditions with durable nylon bristles and rubberised impact zones for maximum protection on delicate finishes.

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